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Suggested Reading: The Outlaw Bible of American Poetry


The Outlaw Bible of American Poetry

edited by Alan Kaufman & S. A. Griffin

published by Basic Books (member of Perseus Books Group)

Copyright 1999 Alan Kaufman


The Outlaw Bible of American Poetry is an enormous collection (685 pgs) of extraordinary counterculture poets including Jack Micheline, D.A. Levy, Diane DiPrima, Sapphire, Bob Kaufman, William S Burroughs, Pedro Pietri, Jeffrey McDaniel, and many, many more. Here we find an eclectic assemblage of artists ranging from spoken word, beat, slam, and rap poets painting the realities of their experiences with powerful verse. Within these pages we can hear the despair of the masses trudging off to work each day, trapped in stale lives,  imprisoned by dull routines, silently screaming  at the heavens for some sort of divine intervention to come and save them from themselves. Raw and compellingly beautiful, this is America as seen through the eyes of street poets dwelling in the bowels of society.  This is poetic expression at its finest. This is America. This is The Outlaw Bible of American Poetry. Soak it in.