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Corn rows outside my window

swaying gently when the wind blows

a soft summer rain

falls across the plain

I’m riding a westbound train

Young girl asks where I’m from

she’s lonely, I know

needs to know the things I’ve done

gazing out the window

notice smoke filled eyes

reflected in the glass

we’re escaping our own demise

two lost souls running from our past

Train rolls across the prairie

thunder in the distance

remembering who I used to be

gentle rumble of memories falling to the ground

if only this instance

this train can take me where my dreams are bound

maybe this time

if I get it right

save my last dime

this train will roll into my goodnight

Young girl asks where I’m from

maybe I shouldn’t have brought her along

wants to know about the tattoo on my arm

when we met we were singing the same sad song

at the next station I’ll tell her she can’t stay

buy her a ticket back to Buffalo

send her on her way

but I know she won’t go

she wants to ride this train

see it all the way through

good times and rain

to the end of the line

stay with me

till the end of time

Gypsy Logic

Spirit is free flowing

like a river untamed

carving out a path

into territory unknown

disconnected from society’s shackles

set lose, unbound

escaping the white noise

that holds me down;

Spirit takes wing

soaring into the void

where a quarter moon rises

across a desolate field

an empty desert

above the hills that rise to the mountains

that give way to the sea

to that distant place

where there exists no more me;

Secretly I yearn

for an empty highway

vagabond friends

the sun moon and stars

sleet snow and rain

‘cause there I’ll find

a sense of community

Companion Storm (Excerpt) Photography & Verse

Companion Storm,  the complimentary book to the novel Broken Highways. chronicles my recent journey of self discovery through photography and verse. I hope you enjoy this little snippet:

Winter’s approaching death,

barren trees

silhouetted against a waning sun;

a cello sonata echoes

in the recesses of my mind


Come winter, when the world turns various shades of death, I find myself listening to cello sonatas with increasing frequency. I don’t know why.

Cello sonatas

in the spaces,

between thoughts

For more info on Companion Storm please visit http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00B674ZES

For info on Broken Highways: Gypsy Edition, please visit: http://goo.gl/tBEV8


Sun’s pulse

Strong and steady

Vibrates through skin

And deeper into bone,

Awakening an emerging soul.

Sun sinking down

Heartbeat fades

Into crimson and marmalade,

Sound of colors reflected in my eyes.

In absence of pulse

Darkness grows

Shadows stretching across the land.

Moving in rhythm to faintest of heartbeats,

Silence of moon and stars soon arrive.