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Children of the Hive (Death)

Children of the Hive (Death)


After all your tears have fallen

all your steps, taken

all your love, given

all your emotions, spent

all your words, spoken

muscles evaporate and strength is gone

fingers can no longer clinch or hold on

to anything

grasping for everything you once were

clinging to memories

like Thomas you did not go quietly into that goodnight

but the goodnight arrived anyway

once you journeyed to your horizon

there was no turning back

we can never turn back

but If only you could, most assuredly you would

turn back the hands of time

relive every single solitary blessed moment

over and over again

cherish those moments one by one

never again feel weighted down with burden

give anything to be burdened once more

promise not to hurry through those special moments

or wish others would leave you alone, if only

for just a little while

never again wish to be alone

in the recesses of the mind lingering echoes of small children

laughing and playing and remember when

you were the small child laughing

no no no never again wish to escape life’s demands

listen one more time to birds chirping after the rain

and do you remember?

the little puppy in your hands with fur so warm

or a contented kitten purring in your lap

and the first time another’s’ lips touched yours

the beauty of young love

electric sensations burning through

heart and soul

and can you still recall?

the thrill of discovering a lover’s deepest secrets

up all night needing to know every little detail of the person

you wish to spend the rest of your life with

and watching your children grow

a boy into a man, girl into a woman

you raised them well

give anything to relive those moments just one more time

relive every second of every day

cling to them as you would cling to a life preserver

never letting go

but there is no turning back the hands of time

and eternal silence is upon you as I hold your hand

kiss your lips one final time and wish you well

close your eyes and rest

before embarking on a new journey into the unknown

for awhile, maybe longer, I’ll remain

tending to your flame that I’ll keep alive inside my heart

pass along to everyone I meet

so go to sleep my friend

your essence I will keep

this will be my eulogy, simple and true

I love you


we’ll be together soon


(Excerpt from Urban Hymns)

Evidence That I’ve Lost My Mind (Projects)

Created a new page:


If you’re going to dream, then dream BIG, baby . . .


I’ve self-published 5 books but that’s only the tip of the creative iceberg. There’s so much more I want to do, including finishing two more novels, which I should really get started on.


Hollywood. Yep, I wanna go there. Most everything I pen unfolds in the mind like a movie, scene by scene, which is how I write. Also helps explains why Broken Highways has so many short chapters.

Personally (and I am highly biased) I believe Broken Highways would make a great independent, artsy film if attention is given to the powerful role of cinematography. But that’s just me carrying on endlessly about my favorite love-child.

Many of my poems, like Maria, also lend themselves to the cinema. In my head I’ve almost completed the script.


Here I’m thinking HBO, A&E Network, or something along those lines, creating a character, a drifter, based on the poems of Back RoadsThe Evolution of Disconnect and Urban Hymns. Inside this maniacal brain of mine the story line has begun taking shape.

For several years I’ve also toyed with a screen adaptation of one of my favorite sci-fi novels, Joe Haldeman’s The Forever War. Think this could be a powerful, visually stunning television series based on Haldeman’s original.

Update: Apparently, with the recent success of Interstellar,  Hollywood has decided that time dilation themed movies are ‘in’ now. Damn damn damn. Channing Tatum will be starring in the upcoming big budget flick. I wish them well. Damn damn damn . . . http://deadline.com/2015/04/channing-tatum-the-forever-war-movie-richard-edlund-1201418549/



Stealing a line from Peter Green and Fleetwood Mac, I can’t sing, ain’t pretty, and my legs are thin but . . . I do have a deep love for music and have created extensive playlists that I envision catering to different audiences using a 3 channel format.  There would be videos, news, interviews, related movies, and MUSIC!, something other stations of this format seem to have forgotten. If this isn’t possible then I would love to own a radio station in a region where people still have a little soul left.

On a slightly more realistic note, some of what I write has more of a lyrical than poetic feel. These works might lend itself better to a musical format and I would love to work with artists, singer songwriters, and bands converting poems to songs.


This is a far more attainable goal than those mentioned above. Already I have many ideas for matching book excepts with photos and plastering them in frames and all over t-shirts. It’s a simple plan and one I’ll probably pursue at some point in time.

STOREFRONT (or, do I really want to go down that road again?)

Been there, done that. Might consider a storefront again if the situation is right. Don’t know. Retail of this nature is a difficult challenge these days.