Stuff I Wrote

Yeah, so, I wrote some stuff. Means nothing . . .


Broken Highways: (novel):

Lose yourself, find yourself, live free . . .

Life adrift after losing his high tech job on the Silicon Prairie, Jason Powell blindly ambles down the back roads of America forging a new identity with the help of a few off-the-wall characters he encounters along the way. Mary, his 696 - Copyambitious and complex wife, introduces adventure into Jason’s barren, meaningless world. Clyde, a seasoned gypsy road warrior, attempts to save Jason’s soul from the class dogma programmed into his brain since birth. After logging hundreds of thousands of miles on the road Jason finally awakens to the sad, horrible truth of his existence; Corporate America is his master, his one and only god, and his life never amounted to being more than a disposable cog in the Corporate Machine. Unplugged from this machine, Jason discovers that freedom is fleeting, self awareness can be a bitch, and overcoming our own weaknesses is the greatest journey a person can make.  Though a work of fiction, Broken Highways is based on actual events. I know. I was there.

Companion Storm:

Like an artist’s sketchbook, Companion Storm: The Photography & Micro-poetry of Broken Highways,  chronicles my first attempts at probing the depths of the creative side of my soul. Photographically cropped-cropped-745.jpgspeaking, it’s also a journal of our final days on the road. Please forgive the shockingly expensive paperback price of this book. I wanted to self pub color photos and apparently Create Space charges a lot for that privilege. Oh well, makes a nice addition to our family albums.

Back Roads:

backrods cover photo2

In this collection I attempt to poetically detail my journey from the high tech semiconductor plants of the Silicon Prairie to the wide open back roads of America searching for my soul. Riding an empty highway into oblivion I bond with the sun, moon, stars, sleet, rain, and snow in hopes of creating a powerful sense of community with Mother Nature and her elements. This journey has delivered a deep spiritual awakening and the strongest sense of community I’ve ever known. Just saying, it’s the truth. My truth.


The Evolution of Disconnect:

creation - Copy

Whatever Broken Highways, Back Roads, and Companion Storm may be, this collection of poems is the complete opposite. Someone once described poetry as the slow unveiling of truths and there are many, many truths hiding in this closet of mine. Setting those truths free makes The Evolution of Disconnect dark, often haunting, and deeply revealing. You’ve been warned. This is my soul, filleted, my heart laid open for all to see. This is the sound of personal truths being set free.

Urban Hymns:

florence cathedral - Copy

I moved back to the city . . .

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