RW Howell


I’m a father, son, brother, husband, lover, hater, corporate drone, loner, conformist, former gypsy road warrior, unemployed entrepreneur, novelist & all around bad poet. I am, by most accounts, contrary to ordinary.

I’ve logged about 500,000 miles on the road, lived in a converted school bus behind a turkey barn in the hills of west Texas, and spent many cold nights sleeping in cargo trailers. I’m a road weary traveler of a different kind. I’ve seen some things but haven’t seen a lot of other things and that’s what pushes me forward through time. I want to experience (most) everything this universe has to offer. Poetically, I’m all over the place but everything I pen is based upon personal experience.

The greatest advice I ever received from an established writer was simply: write about what you know, and so I do. Many poems are laments about the ten years I spent on the road finding my self, my true passion, and my soul while building a small business from scratch.  Other works may find me collecting rent from crack houses or screaming at the corporate wailing wall pleading for systematic change. Again, my posts can seem random but they are not. They are memories.

If interested you can find my books here:



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