Broken Highways (Poem)

500,000 miles I have roamed,

Trekking across this land I call home;

Haggard, dirty, beaten, and wind blown,

Just another restless spirit searching the unknown.

I’ve seen and heard it all,

Silent screams answering Freedom’s call;

Gambling on a path the world denies,

Absorbing sunsets, storms, and clear blue skies.

A forgotten life left behind,

Headed for a place where no one knows my kind;

A stranger in a strange new town,

No one knows you when you’re down.

Soon storms clouds form, threatening rain,

And a two lane blacktop cuts a grassy plain;

Rolling wheels beneath the feet,

Complications I try to beat.

Thinking to myself, thinking all the time,

Running from ghosts isn’t a crime;

Asphalt crumbles and falls away,

Road I’m on is just another broken highway.

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