Tapping Into the (Writing) Stream

Tapping Into the (Writing) Stream


Call it meditation, lost in a deep thought, or just call me weird but when I’m writing I often slip into a state of consciousness where words flow through the mind faster than I can type. When this event occurs the world slips away, disappearing into a grayish mist of objects without definition. Weightlessness sets in as the mind eases into a creative zone. This sensation is a rush, a non chemically induced high (although, caffeine is usually involved), and an event bordering on the spiritual. The brain fails to mark the passage of time and hours pass in a blink of an eye. Thoughts, ideas, dialogue, and plot twists yet to be conceived ride the stream into awareness as if I’ve tapped into an alternate stream of consciousness. Writing becomes seamless as the words flow effortlessly through the fingertips onto the keyboard. I am in a zone.


I’m not saying that the thoughts and words that flow along this stream are always good and ready for print. Actually, the opposite can happen. This event is similar to a flood, to rampaging waters flowing through the mind and picking up everything in its path. There’s always a considerable amount of editing to do afterwards, of sorting through the debris left behind. Good thoughts must be salvaged from the trash.


(Another characteristic of tapping into the stream is I start typing words backwards. Most words are caught and fixed as I go but some are missed, hopefully to be caught later and translated in a proofread. Weird, huh?)


The Crash. Tapping into the stream can be intoxicating and like intoxication wears off eventually. This sensation cannot be maintained. Distractions abound, like the ringing of a phone, children awakening, or a knock on the door. Reality will not be ignored and when reality comes along and rattles the consciousness out of that precious mental state, you will crash and crash hard. Head will pound as nausea sets in. Body will tremble as it lapses into a state of withdrawal, demanding another fix. Or is this just me? Have I said too much, divulged too much information? Okay, so I’m a little weird after all but for me, writing is the vessel that delivers the elixir that induces the high. Or, to put this in other words, enables me to tap into the stream.


Is this just me?

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