Dreaming: If Broken Highways was made into a movie and they let me pick the soundtrack:

This is just me, dreaming. Like buying a lotto ticket and the jackpot is say, $100M, you can’t help but fantasize for a brief moment about all the things you would do with so much cash. A new house, a trek acrossEurope, or go on a spending spree—new cars for everyone! Since I don’t play the lotto this is my equivalent to that fantasy; some bigHollywoodstudio purchasing the rights to Broken Highways AND allowing me to choose the music for the soundtrack. It’s a simple dream, but it’s the dream I dream the most. Below are my personal choices for the soundtrack, in chronological order:


1. Yellow Ledbetter – Pearl Jam

2. Walk Believer Walk – Black Crowes

3. Live Free – Son Volt

4. You Don’t Know How It Feels – Tom Petty

5. Prodigal Son – Rolling Stones

6. Tumbling Dice – Johnny Copeland

7.LouisianaBlues – Muddy Waters

8. Free – Train

9. Ancient Highway– Van Morrison

10. Bad – U2

11. Rain King – Counting Crows (acoustic)

12. Free – JJ Grey and Mofro

13. Soul Shine – Allman Brothers

14. Midnight Lightning – Jimi Hendrix

15. Dislocation Blues – Chris Whitley

16. Good Times Gone – Nickelback

17. Hard Time Killing Floor – Buddy Guy

18. 16 Days – Whiskeytown

19. Lonely Road Of Faith – Kid Rock

20. Move On – Jet

21. Ramblin’ On My Mind – Eric Clapton

22. Losering – Whiskeytown

23. Windfall – Son Volt


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